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File 138317664399.jpg - (137.43KB , 962x1024 , Chrys Hypnosis.jpg )
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Well the second thread has fallen, so I shall take up the torch!
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File 139767226433.jpg - (273.62KB , 1524x866 , Good Boy.jpg )
One more.
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File 139767331438.png - (301.66KB , 700x700 , 451197__solo_explicit_princess+luna_solo+female_pl.png )
Could someone put some good hypno eyes on this Luna pic?
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File 139783324672.png - (962.59KB , 950x2630 , MLP.png )

File 135663421816.jpg - (257.56KB , 1000x800 , image.jpg )
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Manips, captions, whatever you call them
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File 138602991086.png - (759.73KB , 1550x1569 , alej4.png )
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File 13973385134.png - (1.84MB , 1891x1280 , wallpaper.png )
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File 139733857137.png - (1.64MB , 2191x1280 , sif_ych_vday_swinger2.png )

File 137037608985.jpg - (301.27KB , 2190x1476 , Seduction small.jpg )
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Let's get this site going~
HEre's a thread for anything snake or even nagas/lamia and other snake'like creatures.
Kaa stuff here too!

Here's a pic of mine to start it off
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File 139501667930.jpg - (125.66KB , 800x853 , f019e630914802e8a05b0bf87468990e.jpg )
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File 139668368725.png - (1.05MB , 706x1200 , 64fc8f5492f8f01daa2882374ef46e9b_jpg.png )
Background story (by solidness):
The burgundy coils tightened around him, sheer muscle with the power to crush him simply being used to hold him in place. He had been stripped by the naga of all his clothes, leaving his skin completely exposed to her smooth, soft scaled tail that held him so tightly it forced air from his chest. She was in completely control of his body wrapped inside her own.

It had only taken five coils to completely trap his body; two for his chest, which pinned his arms and wrists behind his back. These two were the thickest and heaviest, binding his chest tight to control just a little of his breathing. Three others were wrapped around his legs from the thighs down, pinning them together and completely immobilising him. The only thing he could move was his head, and only that from side to side.

She hissed seductively in his ear, whispering into it, commands for her new toy.
“Relax. Give in and serve me.” The yellow stripes on her tail aided her hypnotism of her toy, and her glowing emerald eyes had bent him to her will. “Relax into my coils. Let them hold you tight, let me take a taste of you. As he had been stripped, she had decided to keep him at the brink of pleasure by coiling her smooth, soft scales around his exposed erection. Time and time again the sensation would rise up and he’d let out a groan, only for her to lightly tease the tip and deny him release.
“Release is for good toys. You are a good toy, aren’t you?” The long, prehensile tongue would elongate the ‘S’ of every word while it flicked against his ear.
“Y-yes.” He would say under her spell. But release wouldn’t come just yet.

A squeezing of coils meant she was moving. Her upper body rose up off the highest coil that caught his upper chest and shoulders.
“Good toys also pleasure their mistresses.” The green jungle view was replaced with the dark red and yellow scales of her body, and the roundness that filled his sight belonged to her wide hips. Between two scaled ass-cheeks that were the size of his head, he saw a small, puckered asshole, and below that a thin strip of pink, almost highlighted against the darker scales. “Goo
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File 139733778630.png - (394.20KB , 850x477 , orgy2.png )

File 139733770782.png - (657.58KB , 1650x1154 , rachel saleigh WIP2.png )
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File 13927703516.png - (285.41KB , 850x699 , a8afe4e1cd055c1781e4f032643029bd.png )
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Let's have a thread where the females are the hypnotists. This one is from our resident Sleepymaid
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File 139277050915.jpg - (137.95KB , 1028x800 , d390ca0a3fd6ae436c7d0fa42669e93f.jpg )
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File 139518445491.jpg - (313.85KB , 800x1035 , d77caea44e1708a19e9fe0fbcb1859bb.jpg )
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File 139518638546.png - (189.96KB , 795x514 , 557751327a32343eb406b50ea74a7972.png )

File 137045858979.jpg - (316.74KB , 1394x1281 , rio_and_tanya_by_anon2.jpg )
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>> No. 1247
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File 138504623779.jpg - (92.14KB , 1200x921 , renamon.jpg )
>> No. 1585
anyone want to expand on this


File 136209541232.jpg - (65.07KB , 705x800 , 7fa99ebbdcb019f80db521df19220d3d.jpg )
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I guess a lot of people could use this if this thread runs on but fir now this is just me searching for something.
I know somewhere I saw a captioned version of this image with a story. It was something about the 2 lioness characters taking someone back to a dorm or something and then joining a harem and they had verbs on their panties which told them what they were... I forget. Stupidly I searched out the original image and saved it and never saved the one with the story! Help!
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>> No. 1569
Any one remember the old pic from hypnochan that had a snow leopard male being hypnotized by a sort of latex clone? I seem to recall the phrase snowmew in the filename. If anyone has it, I'd really appreciate it being posted.
>> No. 1572
File 139404033061.png - (0.98MB , 1050x1050 , 1312258551_osnowmew_snowmew2finalresized.png )
>> No. 1573

Thank you my good sir.

File 138508756811.png - (1.59MB , 1366x1280 , kiwikighypno1.png )
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I remember on the old Hypnochan site, there were a bunch of awesome photo manips featuring Kiwikig and a bunch of others. Any chance some of those images survived anywhere? Also, the picture shown is not from the old thread, but I decided to make my own set as an example, plus I didn't save any of the other pics before hypnochan was taken down. D:
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>> No. 1542
>> No. 1554
If we trance the manippers then we'll have more fursuit manips!
>> No. 1568
File 139348196720.jpg - (313.82KB , 851x1280 , 1382398641_kiwikig__dsc7658.jpg )
Let it commence.

File 135701574659.jpg - (224.77KB , 996x1280 , 8e81c24e0fb782c29379fdd37755b7efc863bccf.jpg )
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or somthing like
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File 139156951274.jpg - (156.05KB , 1213x930 , 56db153a7b605b9fe165e603d6bd2bfb.jpg )
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File 139156952554.png - (331.32KB , 658x930 , 7.png )
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File 139156953688.png - (306.60KB , 740x714 , 8.png )

File 138907917452.png - (179.53KB , 915x872 , haze1.png )
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The rain was coming down hard in Ponyville.

Near the outskirts of the town a pink-haired pony was resting under a large tree. Several of them came together here, surrounded on all sides by a high, overgrown mass of bushes to form a little clearing. She smiled, enjoying the sound of the rain pattering over the fresh summer leaves.

Another sound pricked her ear. Somepony else was in the clearing, had just stepped next to her. She gave a little start, looking toward the sound. A unicorn smiled back at her, a muted, dusty brown color, with mane the same shade.

"Sorry, did I startle you?"

"Oh no, I mean yes, I mean it's fine..."

The unicorn extended a hoof, smiling again. "My name is Haze."

The yellow pony paused a moment, then smiled back slightly, reaching out to complete the hoof-shake. "I'm fl-...fluttershy."

"Good to meet you Fluttershy." He sat next to her, a few feet away, and turned to look out toward the town. "Caught in the rain?"
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>> No. 1525
How do you do that exactly?
I haven't seen much in comments since the new bit went up, but to be fair it is the middle of the week.
>> No. 1526

Naw, it's not so much bad writing as it is inherently sexual.

You can look me up, I have the same name on FIMFiction, AngelGrace. I even commented on your story.
>> No. 1527
No need to be that modest; Lilith is a nice clopfic. The screening is for stuff that can't even pretend to be something you could mistake for a story.

I've never released a story, so I don't know how to do it, but I know it involves tagging the blog post somehow. Your current blog, for instance, definitely doesn't have the tag. You'll see the tagged story at the bottom of the blog post if it's done right.

And if Arzoo liking something is a metric of anything, then clearly I'm doing something wrong.

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