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No. 4
I knew you were being too quiet to not be plotting something, Sleepy. :P Glad to see you picked up the torch in keeping a hypnochan alive.

That said, I have a few worries.

Mainly stuff in the rules...

>Copyrighted content such as videos, audio files, comics, imagesets, etc. are not allowed. Posting them, linking them, telling or asking how/where to get them will result in a ban. This is what killed Hypnochan; Don't try your luck.

This makes plenty of sense for the most part, but honestly, I have a few quirks with this. For one, the drawn content on Hypnochan, if memory serves, had very little to do with the reason it was taken down. It was mainly IRL, as far as I read. Despite this, I can understand not wanting the comics/images/imagesets being posted in entirety here, however, I don't see why that would limit posting links to where it already exists - such as exhentai. I'm not saying we should be allowed to upload to file sharing sites and link to the DDL there, but sharing content that is already readily available is hardly a legal issue with THIS site.

This worries me mainly because a large majority of /hyp/'s posts were links to galleries/sites that already had the content. Take that away, and I fear the post rate would cause the board to stagnate.

Also, a more conservative problem with the same rule is that, with the way it's worded, there's no limit to what it bans. Is 1-shot art included? Such as random art on pixiv? What of art that is freely put out by the artist?

>Threads have a maximum life of 7 days.
This makes sense. It's a good way to keep the boards clean and tidy. That said, I think that, even for a default value, 7 days is FAR too short. Think back to hypnochan, mainly /hyp/ again, and try to remember the post rate there. In 7 days, we were lucky to get 20 posts. I might be overshooting, but don't you think something like a 30-day duration would be more reasonable for such a niche community?

And my last worry is not about the rules, but rather about the board types. I notice a disturbing lack of /base/. Why is that - is there a reason?

Not having /base/ versions of boards is a bad thing, two-fold. For one, you won't attract those who like such things, thus leaving out a decent chunk of the community (albeit, at times, the creepier chunk XD - no offense guys, but we all know some of us can be...passionate). In addition, combine the lack of /base/ w/ the lack of clarification on whether or not the boards that exist now can CONTAIN /base/ material, and you'll be finding loli/shota sneaking its way into every one of them.

Anyway, just my two cents.
>> No. 5
The host for this site is Canadian, no point in complaining to sleepymaid about the lack of a /base/.

SFW loli/shota-like content is allowed, on the SFW board.

NSFW loli/shota stuff will get you ban-hammered if posted anywhere.

The copyright warning is mainly for dissuading people from posting links to torrents of pay domme's audio files or porn movies.
>> No. 7
>The host for this site is Canadian, no point in complaining to sleepymaid about the lack of a /base/.
That's more or less what I figured. Though I did notice after I posted that there WERE rules handling how each board will handle underage characters. And don't mistake what I said as mere complaining. I have little to no stake in a /base/, it's just a concern for the community as a whole.

As for the explanation of the copyright rule: I understand that, but it doesn't address the issues. The way it is written bans all copyrighted items, period. Obviously logical exceptions, such as if you were the artist anyhow, exist, but that still leaves nearly every avenue of drawn content blocked - namely CG sets and doujinshi/manga. I doubt this part of the site will survive all too long with such an ultimatum of a rule.
>> No. 8

Again, it mostly applies to hypnodomme files/videos. If you're that concerned about it, I'll get sleepymaid to change the wording a bit.

Although, suffice it to say, if someone contacts sleepy with a takedown notice or something, it WILL be taken down.
>> No. 9
Fair enough, I suppose. It's just confusing because he specifically calls out comics and imagesets in the rule itself.

It's saying one thing while meaning another, and that simply can't end well.
>> No. 10
Thank you for your concern, the wording has been revised to better fit our intentions.
>> No. 11
I know my 7-day expiration being too short worry will likely be ignored until it's, you know, TRIED and tested and all, but I have a question, and I feel making a new thread for it is redundant.

What of manipulations? Do those get put into the /art/ board? Or the boards that correspond to the type of base image used, such as /nsfw/ and /photo/?
>> No. 13
The expiration limit was already expanded to 30 days, please read the rules.

Manips of drawn pictures go on /sfw/ and /nsfw/, depending on their content.

Manips of photographs go on /photo/.
>> No. 14
Awesome, thanks for all the replies and answers, you two.

>The expiration limit was already expanded to 30 days, please read the rules.
Ah! You're right. I checked earlier and I could have sworn that it still said 7...my apologies.
>> No. 15
You're welcome, enjoy the site!
>> No. 19
Humble anon here, but been dying for a base/hypno fix since hypnochan went down - I propose we try to strike an unofficial partnership with one of the loli/shota accepting chans/boorus (like, no official link on the sidebar, but tell inquiring anons to "go here/google this" via word of mouth, over IRC, etc.)- like, the mind_control tag on lolibooru seems pretty underused, yet accepting of most things produced by the old /base/ I've noticed
>> No. 20

I'm currently looking into getting another server for sleepychan, or at least something just for /base/-style content. Until then, I would just "recommend" mentioning lolibooru and its MC tag, but only mentioning. Posting stuff from there is out for now; I don't want to have to deal with stupid laws that deem loli as CP.
>> No. 21
Sorry if I'm being slow here, but I just wanted to be certain. I've got plenty of western comic book stuff that I could post in the sfw board (that was a lot of what I did at hypnochan). The rules no longer explicitly mention comics by people other than paysites, but I can understand if posting links to a Big 2 or Indie comic book is still not okay.
If we want to avoid outright piracy, then I'm fine with that, but my question is where do we draw the line on what is or is not piracy there? I mean I would assume that posting one page where a heroine gets zapped is cool, but if we want some more content or other relevant pages, then are two pages okay? What about three, four, etc, do we have a guideline on how much is crossing the line?
I recall someone on a scan site once saying that DC and Marvel never issue a DMCA for less than half of an issue posted on the internet, but I have no idea if that's really accurate. Not to mention that would get weird once one approaches stuff produced in larger trades and such?
>> No. 22
Try to abide by the Fair Use clause and avoid posting entire comics. 3-4 pages sounds quite reasonable (unless the comic is 3-4 pages long).

In the unlikely event that a complaint occurs, it will probably be deleted and such content will be added to the blacklist, but I assure you that you won't be penalized unless you repost it.

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